Friday, April 20, 2012

Warning: Stupid may be Stupid.

So apparently I'm kind of a mean person for NOT thinking the famous twit who burned herself on hot coffee and got us all those moronic "Warning: the Hot coffee you ordered is, in fact, hot." labels deserved it.

 You know why I think it was a stupid lawsuit? Because Although the coffee was supposedly hot enough to deliver 'third degree burns': which in and of itself begs the question of why she didn't notice this since crappy drive through cups literally RADIATE heat even at their normal molten levels... she followed up on ignoring the blazing heat radiating through waxy crappy paper by not putting it in a cup holder... anywhere in her car... (and these were pretty standard around the time the law suit happened so I find it curious that she didn't have one available.), but by PUTTING IT BETWEEN HER LEGS. While driving.

 We aren't talking about Fort Knox here. We're talking about a drive through coffee cup. A waxed cylinder of fragile paper, a molten core, and a plastic lid my two year old can destroy by LOOKING at it.

 Squeeze this delicate frame even fractionally too hard, and that fucker will FLY off. Hell if it's open, a slight jolt will spray you with coffee, let alone the additional issue of needing to drive, which causes your muscles to work which... well... squeezes the cup. See earlier commentary about the lid.

 While I'm sorry for the damage she reputably sustained ((Because no one has EVER lied about injuries in a lawsuit.)), burns of any kind FUCKING HURT... I'm never going to feel THAT BAD for someone who bypassed common sense at that level.

 I guess that makes me a mean person.

 Awwwww. Poor Me. I'm mean.