Monday, January 31, 2011

You take the High Road and I'll take the Low Road, and we'll both play the same race in next game

 So my roleplaying group has been debating characters we wouldn't mind playing down the road in our StarWars game.
 I mentioned that I wouldn't mind playing a male Torgruta I'd designed a few years ago. Based partially off the pretty much total lack of canon male Torgruta and my extreme distaste for Ahsoka Tano, (Especially early on.) Jak, my character, was pretty much supposed to be an equally attitudinal Torgruta, only one that actually gets in trouble for his attitude, and is intended to have some dark side issues as a result of his attitude.

 This is when one of the players revealed that he wanted to ALSO play a Torgruta, also male, who would not be Jedi trained but WOULD be force sensitive and have a lightsaber.

 I have to admit, especially since I came up with the concept so long ago, my first reaction was to be annoyed, and feel copied since the characters are -so- similar sounding at the outset.

 As a follow up, I'm not sure if I'm being fair in my snap reaction or not. If the two of us had been playing Human force users, I'm not sure I'd have reacted the same way.
 Especially since I'm -pretty- sure I can predict the way his character will act. Probably quiet and uncertain, not terribly take charge.

 There's a decent chance that they'll still be pretty individual characters, but still, I can't entirely give up on feeling a LITTLE Copied, weather or not I actually am.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Hundred Rifts Vampires ((That's worse than a copy of Twilight))

 So I logged on this morning to check my email and found out that a guy who used to belong to the role playing club I was in while I was in college had found me on Facebook. This is why I have mixed feelings about face book. I mean stupid amounts of Virus aside, the bad people can find you just as well as the good.

 Well... BAD people may be a stretch. People you're not sure you wanted to find you. This GM, We'll call him Rifts, because that was one of his top picks to run a game in, for whatever reason -had it out for me- as a character. I think I tried three times or so to play a game with him and then I gave up. This didn't include the times he was another player with me.

 One of the times we played, he let two of the other players play DEMI GODS. Me, I got to be human. Nothing else. In the Rifts System, this is tantamount to being painted with a target that says 'Squish me'. Demi Gods get TONS more hit points, and they're much harder to kill. I mean in the rifts system there's damage... and then theres "MEGA" damage. I kid you not. Damage that is worse than normal damage. One point of megadamage probably would have redused my character to five or six dust motes floating away on the breeze. Maybe fewer dust motes.

 Let me continue by saying that Rifts Vampires can take MULTIPLE points of Megadamge.

 Somehow I survived character creation and the first hour or two of game, and me and my obnoxious demi-god companions found our way to what was apparently a vampire den in a house. This was all kinds of fun, because they decided to fight us. I don't remember why. What I DO remember is finding out that there were not only a hundred plus of these badboys, they all thought my character was REALLY INTERESTING. This was because the GM had decided that the sword my character had as standard equiptment had an enchantment on it so it could damage vampires. Well... damage is a strong word.

 It could chop bits off, but NOT kill them. Also it radiated an massive aura that let them know where I was, AND it glowed, just in case they missed the aura. So the game pretty much ended up with me desperately trying to chop super-vampires into enough parts so that they couldn't kill me.

 Yet ANOTHER game: We were playing characters who'd never actually been on earth, but had recently landed to check out the damage that had originally made us leave. ((An alien threat of something called Invids)). Invids btw can imitate the appearance of other species, usually choosing humans to imitate.

 My character stepped off the ship and started looking around the camp site, and suddenly heard rustling in the bushes. The GM had me roll a hundred sided die. I rolled a 1. This worried me, because usually rolling a 1 in gaming is REALLY a bad thing.

 That was when a tiger jumped out of the bushes....

 Before we get too much further I'll explain that I did not actually get eaten at this juncture. Nope, the die roll was to find out if the INVID TIGER was friendly or not. My only chance of not being eaten FIVE MINUTES into the game was rolling a 1 or a 100. So I ended up with a friendly pet alien tiger. The GM sulked. ((My character who had only seen videos of cats thought it was a tabby.))

 Later in this game, I'd ended up separated from the group for part of a mission, and my 'kitty' was with me as we drove along on my motorcycle. I told the GM I had to leave because I had class early the next morning and it was getting very late. He threatened my character if I left, even though I was not in a position to disrupt the game if I left, because it would have taken me most of the night to get where I was going, and no one else was hanging on my next move.

 I told him I -needed- to be awake for class, and that there was no reason to do that since, as stated, no one needed me to be there. He sulked, I left.

 I came back the next game and found out that he'd had my character fall asleep at the handlebars and flip over. He'd rolled, again, and again, the dice had saved me. My Invid Kitty had pulled me from the wreckage barely alive.

 I quit the game.

 I can think of -several- more examples of this sort of behavior, and I've never really figured out if I was just -that- annoying of a roleplayer. ((I should mention that he MADE my character be an princess, when I'd actually written her to just be a low level soldier?)) or if he just had it out for roleplayers with boobs.  Anyway, he just jumped up on facebook to say Hi, and I'm really not sure how I feel about that.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Send in the Clones

 Ok so it's been a while since I posted anything, so here we go again.

 I've stopped playing "Citizen Screwed", so I'll probably remove the stupid button altogether. I just don't see the point in spending free time getting increasingly pissed off. That really kind of defeats the purpose of a GAME doesn't it?

 We played StarWars again this weekend, that was a lot of fun, it's still a pretty insane game since most of the group is clones. Most of. Not all. And not as in "Clone Trooper" clones (Although now we have one. XD)

 Good times anyway, though our 3P0 unit thinks he's Rambo. That might work better if he was actually designed to function in a more Rambo like fashion.
 A tip for you, B3P0! Don't piss off large fast moving things unless you legitimately have a route for escape on your slow ass legs.  Silly Droid.

 Ended up regaling someone last night about details of an NonPlayer Character I ran for a while during a home brewed system. In the original game, I couldn't pay anyone to interact with him even though he was supposed to be a major source of information. However since he didn't tell my original players how amazingly COOL they were, everyone pretty much ignored him.

 It reminded me again that there are tons of levels of role-players, since the girl I ended up talking to ADORED him from the concept up in all his creepy glory.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Citizen Screwed.

 So I've been continuing trying to play "Die 2 Nite", which is an sort of fascinating observation of forty people failing to communicate in a spectacular fashion.

 It isn't a bad game, a little slow on the pick up, and only about as actually rp involved as you let it be. (IE: not really at all)

 The premise is simple, your character is a survivor in a zombie wasteland, and you need to survive as long as possible. This is tricky with increasing waves of zombies attacking your town, and the need for food, and water, so you have to decide what to build and when to build it. This seems all fine and good, especially if you have some older players in town who've played before and know some of the most efficient timelines in which to produce things to maximise survival.

 Except that so far... that doesn't happen.

 There are forums for people to communicate and decide on things, and let people know what's going on, but in the first town I was in, it turned into a fiasco, with one player deciding he was going to refuse to contribute anything to the town, and exploit anything and everything he found on his personal living space ((which produses much less safety at all than using the same resources to, say, enforce the town wall, or build a work shop to reduse the cost of building the town wall and other upgrades.))
 Other players decided to follow suite, and it ended up with everyone building things to cross puroposes, and we got devoured in short order.

The second run through: I lasted a day. I attempt to go out scavenging, then tried to help rescue someone. My character ended up stranded in a zone, I couldn't leave without being killed or injured by the zombies, and although another player could have showed up and helped walk me out by outnumbering the zombies, no one would come when I asked. Or when anyone else asked.  ((That's one way of reducing the number of mouths to feed, and of discouraging people from trying to bring back resources.))

 This time through: We've already banished one player who started at day one taking every resource he could find and using for himself, and he turned around and started causing problems for everyone else. One player was poisoned, and we suspect him, or possibly another player with unknown reasons, and we now have a THIRD person doing the same thing as person one. Plus out of the formerly forty odd people in the town, only 6 or 7 are actually using the forums at all, and the rest are doing... well... whatever they want. Thus we wasted time to get the workshop done before the hoardes got big with them building a big wall before we needed it, and now they're STEALING the resources that could save the town, so that they can do...

 ... Well we're not actually sure what they're doing. They're not upgrading their own housing with it. They just seem to be squirreling it away somewhere. It's totally baffling, and kind of frustrating. It seems likely that the only way to actually survive this game is to get a ruling majority ((around eight players who can agree to shut someone out of using town resources. Eight being the minimum number to 'shun' someone to this end)) and have them all in the same town.

 The stupid part is that this shouldn't be necessary. It should be at least on some level gut level obvious that earning two points of defense making a prettier house is way less than earning THIRTY points on a wall. And equally obvious that if you can only eat one food ration a day, than it might be good to let the other people in town use the available ones while they try and find more so that things like emergency supplies can be built, thus ensuring longer survival and more points per round.

 It's nice to know that if there's actually a zombie appocalypse we are all completely screwed.