Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Hundred Rifts Vampires ((That's worse than a copy of Twilight))

 So I logged on this morning to check my email and found out that a guy who used to belong to the role playing club I was in while I was in college had found me on Facebook. This is why I have mixed feelings about face book. I mean stupid amounts of Virus aside, the bad people can find you just as well as the good.

 Well... BAD people may be a stretch. People you're not sure you wanted to find you. This GM, We'll call him Rifts, because that was one of his top picks to run a game in, for whatever reason -had it out for me- as a character. I think I tried three times or so to play a game with him and then I gave up. This didn't include the times he was another player with me.

 One of the times we played, he let two of the other players play DEMI GODS. Me, I got to be human. Nothing else. In the Rifts System, this is tantamount to being painted with a target that says 'Squish me'. Demi Gods get TONS more hit points, and they're much harder to kill. I mean in the rifts system there's damage... and then theres "MEGA" damage. I kid you not. Damage that is worse than normal damage. One point of megadamage probably would have redused my character to five or six dust motes floating away on the breeze. Maybe fewer dust motes.

 Let me continue by saying that Rifts Vampires can take MULTIPLE points of Megadamge.

 Somehow I survived character creation and the first hour or two of game, and me and my obnoxious demi-god companions found our way to what was apparently a vampire den in a house. This was all kinds of fun, because they decided to fight us. I don't remember why. What I DO remember is finding out that there were not only a hundred plus of these badboys, they all thought my character was REALLY INTERESTING. This was because the GM had decided that the sword my character had as standard equiptment had an enchantment on it so it could damage vampires. Well... damage is a strong word.

 It could chop bits off, but NOT kill them. Also it radiated an massive aura that let them know where I was, AND it glowed, just in case they missed the aura. So the game pretty much ended up with me desperately trying to chop super-vampires into enough parts so that they couldn't kill me.

 Yet ANOTHER game: We were playing characters who'd never actually been on earth, but had recently landed to check out the damage that had originally made us leave. ((An alien threat of something called Invids)). Invids btw can imitate the appearance of other species, usually choosing humans to imitate.

 My character stepped off the ship and started looking around the camp site, and suddenly heard rustling in the bushes. The GM had me roll a hundred sided die. I rolled a 1. This worried me, because usually rolling a 1 in gaming is REALLY a bad thing.

 That was when a tiger jumped out of the bushes....

 Before we get too much further I'll explain that I did not actually get eaten at this juncture. Nope, the die roll was to find out if the INVID TIGER was friendly or not. My only chance of not being eaten FIVE MINUTES into the game was rolling a 1 or a 100. So I ended up with a friendly pet alien tiger. The GM sulked. ((My character who had only seen videos of cats thought it was a tabby.))

 Later in this game, I'd ended up separated from the group for part of a mission, and my 'kitty' was with me as we drove along on my motorcycle. I told the GM I had to leave because I had class early the next morning and it was getting very late. He threatened my character if I left, even though I was not in a position to disrupt the game if I left, because it would have taken me most of the night to get where I was going, and no one else was hanging on my next move.

 I told him I -needed- to be awake for class, and that there was no reason to do that since, as stated, no one needed me to be there. He sulked, I left.

 I came back the next game and found out that he'd had my character fall asleep at the handlebars and flip over. He'd rolled, again, and again, the dice had saved me. My Invid Kitty had pulled me from the wreckage barely alive.

 I quit the game.

 I can think of -several- more examples of this sort of behavior, and I've never really figured out if I was just -that- annoying of a roleplayer. ((I should mention that he MADE my character be an princess, when I'd actually written her to just be a low level soldier?)) or if he just had it out for roleplayers with boobs.  Anyway, he just jumped up on facebook to say Hi, and I'm really not sure how I feel about that.

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