Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A little reminder

Dear fellow roleplayer

A small reminder. I am not, in fact, my character.
 In fact I'm pretty sure it should be clear that I am not an privileged, spoiled-but-learning rich boy with obscene levels of resources and a little model student girlfriend.  I mean for starters I'm not even MALE. And since the character in question had points of inspiration from Jaimie from Song of Fire and Ice... I'm really not sure how I feel about you saying that you see him as "Me".

 As a result; I am in fact kind of annoyed that someone giving us (Me and his girlfriends player) some R rated gift art apparently freaks you out. I mean you draw people having outright sex and give it to people. If you can deal with other peoples characters having sex you need to get out the OOC =/= IC stick and hit yourself with it until you accept the fact that I am not my character.

1 comment:

  1. I would find it really weird if you actually were a spoiled rich boy of unreasonable means. Does said fellow roleplayer read this blog?