Thursday, December 9, 2010

Other Peoples RP Stories

I know, they're only interesting to the players, right? That's the old standby, though sometimes I don't think so. Some stories are boring, but often times it comes down to the person telling it, or what actually happened. I mean if you're listening to the number of times Joey's character Grogdar the Lethal rolled natural twenties and made spectacular and insane successes in the middle of battle, be it on the battlefield or in a random bar brawl, and how he got SO much treasure and XP that the GM made him retire the character...

 Yeah that's boring. But if you think about it, other peoples "OCs" ((Original Characters for those who don't know the term)), aren't that much different than characters in books. A really well written character's stories, well told, can be a lot like getting a summary of a really interesting book that someone read. It's like make believe gone a bit more adult, and some people come up with some really amazing "What ifs" to set their worlds in, and, if they're lucky, find just as amazing people to RP with. When that happens, there's absolutely nothing boring about 'other peoples RP stories', and in cases like that, I actually enjoy reading them, or in the right setting, I'll actually open up and read peoples ongoing or closed RP's.

 It's fun, and in a lot of cases, it tells me a lot more about how someone rp's than a cut little sample or a cut and dried profile. Once I have an idea of them, then I can read just a profile for a new character later, and picture how things might go.

 It's not the stories are boring it's the telling.

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