Sunday, February 27, 2011

Murcrow! I curse You!

 So I've been playing Pokemon Soul Silver. This is not a new game... in fact the NEW game comes out on the sixth, and I am looking forward to that -like crazy-. All new pokemon, and all that kind of badass stuff. I kinda stopped playing Silver for a while, but the release of the new game and GameStop releasing legendaries kinda made me pick it back up. ((Yay for Celebi!)).

 Anyway I've gotten as far as the Safari Zone, you know the drill, thirty safari balls, and the choice to throw mud or bait at the pokemon you're trying to catch, or just chuck a ball. I've gotten a fair variety of pokemon this way, so it's not a bad deal for the amount of in game money it costs you, if you're patient. However, the one pokemon that WILL NOT stay in a goddamn safari ball is FREAKING MURCROW.

 I have never been able to actually CATCH that damn pokemon and it drives me totally crazy. Fortunately I was able to look up where to possibly find it in the wild so I'm hoping to snag the little bastard in an actual bastard, but I've wasted more time trying to cram that black feathered bastard into a pokeball....

 Seriously it's got to be having a detrimental effect on my sanity. That and the fact I haven't had an solid eight hours sleep in a week. X_X We can all thank the MiniMonster for that, something's been making him incredibly restless at night and he won't go back to sleep unless someone gets up and sits with him until he goes back to sleep. This usually takes about an hour, with him cramming his tiny hands into your throat, armpit, or eye-socket occasionally, and trying to get comfortable.

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