Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Subconsious, Star Wars and Stellar Behavior

 We had another round of our Star Wars game this weekend, that was pretty fun. We all kind of had to laugh though since it seems there are now something like three factions going on between FIVE players, and none of them trust each other, and or, may be trying to screw everyone else over. The GM barely needs to throw conflict at us, we do it to ourselves!

 It's still a lot of fun though, and I suspect we've got a lot more chaos NOT from the group on the way, since once we leave Ashpat, ((which is the  Star Wars version of visiting Vegas...)) we're going to the Kiffar home-world, where hopefully we'll finally see an advance in the GM's plot arc for my character, involving the reasons why his psychometry powers are -completely off the freaking charts- and occasionally unpredictable, in ways that have once or twice actually proved dangerous.

 I'm really kind of looking forward to that, since I've been waiting a long time to get a little more information on that arc.

 Maybe that was why I had -really messed up dreams- last night about my character being somehow turned into a woman, and having to escape with the help of one of his greatest enemies. ((In the game it's Set Harth, who's trying to 'collect' him. In the dream it was ALSO a woman.)) Oh and in the dream he was also made pregnant. 

 ... Yeah my subconscious is pretty messed up apparently.

 Otherwise on a more NORMAL note: I found an new Pern board to RP on. So far it looks like it'll be pretty fun, though we got a nice front row seat to some drama with a couple players flipping their lids over a temporary ban on blond hair and blue eyes. ((These are both recessive traits in the first place, and most Pernese genetics don't much come from sources that would provide either blond hair or blue eyes.))

 Therefore a temporary ban when a massive amount of the site is blonder than barbie is actually not that unreasonable, and has nothing to do with the actual personality of the character.

 Fortunately things seem to have settled down to a dull sulk from the offending parties, and things are moving onward.

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