Friday, February 4, 2011

Not Really Surprising

So I've been looking to break into this one RP community. Generally speaking, everyone there is stellar and really nice, and I've actually been 'gift bombed' with a dozen or so shop items (non rpable but super cute and very sweet.)

The setting is really interesting, there's overwhelming amounts of potential, and there's character art involved. It's a -ton- of fun and I am -dying- to get my character accepted and pulled in. (Since art gets drawn for the characters this is a slower process than in many settings, and not guaranteed, though there are a lot of ways to GET a character.

 Anyway, we've all been... tollerating is probably a good word for it... this one potential player. We all hang out and talk, but this one girl only comes in to say things like 'hello'. She might or might not bitch briefly about having to do CHORES. (oh GOD. The HORROR.)
 But mostly you get blank stares, pokes, and... TANTRUMS.

 She refuses to interact with anyone making general statements, nope, you've got to speak to her BY NAME or by god you're IGNORING her. And god help you if you ignore her, because she'll eventually get mad, then she'll post in bold.


 Sentence by Sentence.

 She starts to use larger

 And larger



Then she goes into a routine as though she has NEVER met this person before, no matter how many times they've said hello to her and been immediately snubbed or been given passive aggressive behavior.

 And this charming individual, who will only interact with you if you include her name in your post, and even THEN acts as though you're inconveniencing her. Who doesn't know about the shop. Who is uninterested in ANYONE'S characters.

 Bitches that she's "lonely" and it's "so hard to meet people."

It's amazing the degree to which I'm not surprised that she has trouble with this.

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